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Persevering Faith


Blessed are those whose strength is in You….

Psalm 84:5 NIV


The tiny pond needed fish and could offer the perfect habitat for Koi, those large multi-colored goldfish. Feeding them would provide such fun for the grandkids. The adventure began with four Koi fingerlings.

When the pond froze over, though, I assumed the fish would suffocate. When the pond dried to a large mud puddle, I assumed they would get stuck in the mud. When the summer temperature stayed at 110 degrees for a week, I assumed they would overheat. When we left on vacation and could not feed them, I assumed they would starve.

My assumptions all proved false. Those four little fish persevered through those hardships and have now produced multi-generations of offspring.

I have my own opportunities to persevere. God has used unwelcomed adversities, such as the complexities of narcissistic abuse, to strengthen my faith and to increase my trust for guidance toward emotional healing.

I learned to stop fretting about the Koi. Now, I am learning to stop worrying about finding my way. When I seek my heavenly Father’s guidance, He will provide for me in His perfect time and in His perfect way.

Father, thank you for providing resilience through your mercy and grace. Renew those who struggle today with despair. Refresh their hearts with hope in Your faithfulness. Provide us with strength to persevere during the hard times and to acknowledge that this strength came from Your loving hands. Amen







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