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a simplified way to investigate a complex topic! It provides tools for deconstructing the mystery. You'll finally feel like you have a basic map for the journey ahead and will no longer feel alone in the dark.

It's not about you.

The narcissist’s distorted thinking patterns are creating the psychological chaos. Attempts at accommodating their unpredictable expectations have propelled you into their surreal world of erratic behaviors: loving—irritable—detached—angry—discarding—attentive. Your swirling reality can be sorted. Grasping some basic concepts will set you on that illusive path toward saneness. Soon, you will be able to exclaim, “Now I get it!”

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"After failing at rescuing my narcissist, by the grace of God, I was given the opportunity to read this book. The concepts in Now I Get It! helped to rescue me from years lost to confusion and despair." - BD

"Not I Get It! provided me with a better understanding of my relationship with my former husband and I can finally let go of my feelings of guilt and shame. The author gave examples I could relate to!" - JM

"Now I Get It is a wonderful resource that brings clarity to the chaos associated with any type of relationship with a Narcissist. Whether for yourself, or as a gift for someone in need, you can trust the biblically sound direction found in this roadmap to be foundational in the recovery process." - EB

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