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Pillar People


James, Cephas and John, those esteemed as pillars, gave me and Barnabas the right hand of fellowship….

Galatians 2:9 NIV


A very wise man once referred to a young couple as “pillar people.” They had fostered five siblings and had grieved deeply when the time ended. He saw them as a stable pillar God had placed in these children’s lives. The siblings would forever look back at that time of stability as a frame of reference.

I’ve reflected upon the pillar people God has placed in my own life.  My grandmother claimed the primary designation. She was consistent, predictable, and stable. She faithfully prayed for me until her death. Identifying her as a pillar person added a new dimension to the role she had played.

God has since placed other pillar people in my life. They are emotionally present. They listen well, speak wisdom into my life, and faithfully intercede.

Paul identified several esteemed pillars in the fellowship in Galatia: James, Cephas, and John. The word Paul used, stylos, referred to a prop or support. Believers looked to them for wisdom and leadership for their own journey of faith.

While finding my way out of the haze of narcissistic abuse, I have sought pillar people who are non-judgmental, good listeners, empathetic, and willing to speak truth when needed. As I continue on this journey of growth and healing, I pray that God will produce these same qualities in me for others.

Thank You, Lord, for the pillar people you have placed in my life. Heal the brokenness of those suffering narcissistic abuse with Your grace and truth. Redeem their experiences by transforming them into strong supports for others.





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